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backEdge(int) - Method in interface infovis.graph.algorithm.DepthFirst.Visitor
Invoked on the back edges in the graph.
backEdge(int) - Method in class infovis.graph.algorithm.DFSVisitor
backedge() - Method in class infovis.graph.io.VCGParser
BALANCED - Static variable in interface infovis.graph.io.DOTTokenTypes
BasicColumn - Class in infovis.column
BasicColumn implements the management of name, Metadata, clientProperty and Format.
BasicColumn(String) - Constructor for class infovis.column.BasicColumn
Constructor for Column.
BasicEdgeColumn - Class in infovis.column
Column for graph edge table to access vertex attributes.
BasicEdgeColumn(Graph, Column, boolean) - Constructor for class infovis.column.BasicEdgeColumn
Create an edge column that returns the value of its related vertex column, either from its firstVertex or secondVertex.
BasicFactory - Class in infovis.utils
Class BasicFactory
BasicFactory() - Constructor for class infovis.utils.BasicFactory
BasicObjectColumn - Class in infovis.column
Abstract base class for columns containing objects.
BasicObjectColumn(String) - Constructor for class infovis.column.BasicObjectColumn
Creates a new StringColumn object.
BasicObjectColumn(String, int) - Constructor for class infovis.column.BasicObjectColumn
Creates a new ObjectColumn object.
BasicRangeSlider - Class in infovis.panel.dqinter
Base class for range sliders.
BasicRangeSlider(double, double, double, double) - Constructor for class infovis.panel.dqinter.BasicRangeSlider
Constructs a new range slider.
BasicRangeSlider(DoubleBoundedRangeModel) - Constructor for class infovis.panel.dqinter.BasicRangeSlider
Creates a new RangeSlider object.
BasicSpringLayout - Class in infovis.graph.visualization.layout
Class BasicSpringLayout
BasicSpringLayout() - Constructor for class infovis.graph.visualization.layout.BasicSpringLayout
BasicVisualizationInteractor - Class in infovis.visualization.inter
Base class for VisualizationInteractor.
BasicVisualizationInteractor() - Constructor for class infovis.visualization.inter.BasicVisualizationInteractor
BasicVisualizationInteractor(Visualization) - Constructor for class infovis.visualization.inter.BasicVisualizationInteractor
beginBox(Rectangle2D.Float) - Method in class infovis.tree.visualization.treemap.Treemap
Checks whether the specified box should be drawn and initialize the node's Shape to its final bounds.
bentnearedge() - Method in class infovis.graph.io.VCGParser
BFSVisitor - Class in infovis.graph.algorithm
Basic implementation of the BreathFirst.Visitor interface
BFSVisitor() - Constructor for class infovis.graph.algorithm.BFSVisitor
BLACK - Static variable in class infovis.graph.algorithm.Algorithm
BLACK - Static variable in class infovis.utils.RBTree
blackTarget(int) - Method in class infovis.graph.algorithm.BFSVisitor
blackTarget(int) - Method in interface infovis.graph.algorithm.BreadthFirst.Visitor
Invoked (in addition to non_tree_edge()) if the target vertex is colored black at the time of examination.
body() - Method in class infovis.graph.io.DOTParser
BooleanColumn - Class in infovis.column
Column of booleans.
BooleanColumn(String) - Constructor for class infovis.column.BooleanColumn
Creates a new FloatColumn object.
BooleanColumn(String, int) - Constructor for class infovis.column.BooleanColumn
Creates a new FloatColumn object.
BooleanFormat - Class in infovis.column.format
Format for boolean columns.
BooleanFormat() - Constructor for class infovis.column.format.BooleanFormat
borderShape(float, float, float, float, int) - Method in class infovis.tree.visualization.treemap.Treemap
Computes the shape of the border.
branch_length() - Method in class infovis.tree.io.NewickParser
BreadthFirst - Class in infovis.graph.algorithm
Breadth first search algorithm for Graphs.
BreadthFirst(Graph) - Constructor for class infovis.graph.algorithm.BreadthFirst
Constructor for BreadthFirst.
BreadthFirst - Class in infovis.tree
Breadth First traversal algorithm for trees.
BreadthFirst() - Constructor for class infovis.tree.BreadthFirst
BreadthFirst.Visitor - Interface in infovis.graph.algorithm
BreadthFirst.Visitor - Interface in infovis.tree
Class for traversing a tree breadth first.
build(Column, Tree) - Static method in class infovis.metadata.MinAggregation
buildAdditiveWeight(NumberColumn, Tree, DoubleFunction, RowDoubleValueGenerator, NumberColumn) - Static method in class infovis.metadata.AdditiveAggregation
Creates a NumberColumn to be a valid sizeColumn by computing the sum of the leave and undefining non leaf nodes.
buildPath(int) - Method in class infovis.tree.DefaultTree

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