Package infovis.graph.visualization.layout

Implements Node-Link diagram layouts for graphs.


Interface Summary
SpringLayout.LengthFunction If the edge is weighted, then override this method to show what the visualized length is.

Class Summary
AbstractGraphLayout Abstract implementation of NodeLinkGraphLayout
BasicSpringLayout Class BasicSpringLayout
CircularLayout Class CircularLayout
FRLayout Implements the Fruchterman-Reingold algorithm for node layout.
GraphLayoutFactory Class GraphLayoutFactory
GraphVizLayout Class GraphVizLayout uses AT&T GraphViz programs to perform the layout.
MinimizerPolyLog Minimizer for the r-PolyLog energy model.
RandomGraphLayout Class RandomGraphLayout
SpringLayout Class SpringLayout
SpringLayout.UnitLengthFunction Returns all edges as the same length: the input value

Package infovis.graph.visualization.layout Description

Implements Node-Link diagram layouts for graphs.

Copyright 2005 by Jean-Daniel Fekete and INRIA, France All rights reserved.