Package infovis.column

Interface Summary
ColumnFactory.Creator Column Creator for the Factory.
ColumnFilter Interface for filtering out Columns.
NumberColumn Abstract class for all columns containing numeric values.

Class Summary
AbstractColumn AbstractColumn is the base class for each concrete column.
Algorithms Various algorithms on columns.
BasicColumn BasicColumn implements the management of name, Metadata, clientProperty and Format.
BasicEdgeColumn Column for graph edge table to access vertex attributes.
BasicObjectColumn Abstract base class for columns containing objects.
BooleanColumn Column of booleans.
CategoricalColumn Specialization of an IntColumn storing categorical values.
ColorColumn Column containing colors.
ColumnColumn Column containing columns.
ColumnFactory Factory of Columns to create a new column based on its type name and density/sparsity.
ColumnFactory.DefaultCreator Default implementation of Creator.
ColumnId Class ColumnId wraps any column to make it a NumberColumn.
ColumnIterator Iterator over a column.
ColumnLink Link together two columns, applying an abstract method each time the first is modified to recompute the second.
ColumnNameComparator Compare Columns by name to sort column in alphabetic order.
ColumnOne Column returning ONE for all its rows.
ColumnProxy Column forwarding all its methods to a backing column.
ColumnSorter Maintains a column sorted according to the order of another column.
ConstantColumn Column containing constant values for each rows.
DateColumn Specialization of LongColumn to manage dates.
DoubleColumn A column of double values, implemented by Colt DoubleArrayList.
DoubleMatrix1DColumn Wrapper for Colt DoubleMatrix1D columns.
EventColumn Column containing list of timed events.
FilterColumn Column managing BitSet s meant for filtering columns with dynamic queries.
FloatColumn A Column of float values, implemented by Colt FloatArrayList.
FunctionColumn Applies a unary function to a column and maintains the result into this column.
HistogramColumn Column computing and maintaining the histogram of a specified NumberColumn.
IdColumn Class IdColumn
IntColumn A Column of integer values.
IntSparseColumn Class IntSparseColumn
LiteralColumn Abstract class for all columns containing literal values.
LongColumn A Column of longs.
ObjectColumn A Column of Strings.
ShapeColumn Columns of shapes and RectPool management.
SortedCategoricalColumn SortedCategoricalColumn is an IntColumn computed from a StringColumn containing the order of each string.
SparseColumn Base class for sparse columns, i˙e˙ columns containing few elements.
StringColumn A Column of Strings.

Exception Summary
ColumnFilterException Class ColumnFilterException.
ReadOnlyColumnException Exception raised when attempting to change a readonly column.

Copyright 2005 by Jean-Daniel Fekete and INRIA, France All rights reserved.