Package infovis.utils

Utilities classes for the Infovis Toolkit.


Interface Summary
RowComparator Interface for sorting according to row values.
RowDoubleValueGenerator Generate a double value for a specified row.
RowFilter Interface RowFilter
RowIterator Iterator over rows on Columns or Tables.

Class Summary
AbstractRowIterator Class AbstractRowIterator
AppendRowIterator Appends two row iterators
ArrayChildrenIterator Class ArrayChildrenIterator
BasicFactory Class BasicFactory
CaseInsensitiveComparator Class CaseInsensitiveComparator
CharStack Class CharStack
CompositeShape Shape managing a list of non-overlaping shapes.
DoublePair Holds a pair of double values for any purpose
DoubleStack Class DoubleStack
FilteredRowComparator Class FilteredRowComparator
FilteredRowIterator Class FilteredRowIterator
FloatStack Class FloatStack
Heap An array-based binary heap implementation of a priority queue, which also provides an efficient update() operation.
IdManager Class IdManager
IdManagerIterator Class IdManagerIterator
IdRowComparator Class IdRowComparator
InfovisUtilities Utility methods for drawing.
IntIntSortedMap Int Int Map
IntLinkedList Class IntLinkedList
IntPair Holds a pair of int values for any purpose
IntSortedMap Association Map using ints as keys.
IntStack Class IntStack
InverseRowComparator Class InverseComparator
JTextAreaAppender Log4J Appender in a JTextArea
LogFunction Class LogFunction
LongStack Class LongStack
MaxFunction Class MaxFunction
MinFunction Class MinFunction
Permutation Maintain a permutation of indices.
RandomDoubleValueGenerator Generate random values for initializing rows.
RBTree Red-Black Tree
RectPool Pool of rectangle that can be allocated or freed.
RowIsLeafGenerator Generate value 1 for leaf nodes and 0 for interior nodes.
RowIteratorProxy Class RowIteratorProxy
RowObject RowObject is used to translate InfoVis table rows into Java objects when required.
ShortStack Class ShortStack
SqrtFunction Class SqrtFunction
StrokedPath Class StrokedPath
TableIterator Iterator over table rows.
TransformedShape Class TransformedShape
ZeroValueGenerator Class ZeroValueGenerator

Package infovis.utils Description

Utilities classes for the Infovis Toolkit.

Copyright 2005 by Jean-Daniel Fekete and INRIA, France All rights reserved.