Package infovis.visualization

Provides base classes for managing visualizations.


Interface Summary
ItemRenderer A ItemRenderer performs one or several stages of painting and picking for each item of a Visualization.
LabelClipper Class LabelClipper
Layout Interface for layouts.
MagicLens A MagicLens is a see through lens that performs a transformation on its contents.
NodeAccessor interface NodeAccessor
Orientable Interface for specifiying that an object has an orientation.
VisualColumnDescriptor Class VisualColumnDescriptor
VisualizationInteractor Class VisualizationInteractor

Class Summary
ColorVisualization Interface for Color Visualizations.
DefaultVisualColumn Class DefaultVisualColumn
DefaultVisualization Base class for concrete visualizations.
EndLabelClipper Class EndLabelClipper
LinkVisualization Class LinkVisualization
Orientation Simple implementation of interface Orientable with conveninent static methods.
StrokingVisualization Visualization for shapes considered as strokes and not filled shapes.
VisualColumnProxy Class VisualColumnProxy
VisualizationFactory A VisualizationFactory is used to keep track of all the visualizations compatible with a specified data structure and to create the visualizations from the data structures.
VisualizationLayers Class VisualizationLayers
VisualizationProxy Proxy of a Visualization.

Package infovis.visualization Description

Provides base classes for managing visualizations.

Copyright 2005 by Jean-Daniel Fekete and INRIA, France All rights reserved.