Package infovis.panel

Provides a set of components for interacting with visualizations.


Interface Summary
DoubleBoundedRangeModel Double version of a BoundedRangeModel.
DynamicQuery Interface for Dynamic Query objects.

Class Summary
AbstractControlPanel Base class for creating Visual Panels
ColumnListCellRenderer ListCellRendered for Columns.
ColumnListModel ListModel for columns inside a table.
ControlPanel Control Panel for showing selectio, dynamic queries and eveything else.
ControlPanelFactory ControlPanelFactory create a control panel associated with a specified visualization.
DefaultDoubleBoundedRangeModel Defaut implementation of BoundedRangeModel for double.
DefaultLinkVisualPanel Class DefaultLinkVisualPanel
DefaultVisualPanel Control panel for standard visual components such as size and label.
DetailTable Table Model for displaying the details of the selected rows of a visualization.
DynamicQueryPanel Panel managing the Dynamic Query controls on the visualized table.
FilteredColumnListModel Filtered ListModel for Columns.
FisheyeControlPanel Control panel to configure the Fisheye associated with the specified visualization.
MainFrameDecorator Component to create a visualization program as simply as possible.
OrientationPanel Class OrientationPanel
TableAttributesHeader Display the Label "Attributes" and the number of selected items in the top left corner of a scrolled DetailTable.
TableRowHeader Row headers for the DetailTable: shows the name of the attributes visualized in the row of a scrollable pane so that it is always visible when scrolling to see the details of the selection.
VisualizationPanel Component managing a visualization.

Package infovis.panel Description

Provides a set of components for interacting with visualizations.

Copyright 2005 by Jean-Daniel Fekete and INRIA, France All rights reserved.