Package infovis.metadata

Provides for Metadata management.


Interface Summary
Aggregation Interface Aggregation is used to check whether a column is aggregating following a specified rule in a tree.
AggregationConstants Aggregation constants.
Constants Class Constants
IO Class IO

Class Summary
AdditiveAggregation Manage number columns that are additive from the leaves to the root, as required by treemaps.
AdditiveAggregation.NonAdditiveFilter ColumnFilter to filter out columns that are non additive.
AggregationFactory Class AggregationFactory manages hierarchical aggregation in columns.
AtLeafAggregation A Column in a Tree is considerer aggregated at the leaf level it only its leave nodes have defined values.
DependencyMetadata Class DependencyMetadata Manage dependent columns
MinAggregation Aggregate by computing the min value
ValueCategory Qualify what the column values expresses.

Package infovis.metadata Description

Provides for Metadata management.

Copyright 2005 by Jean-Daniel Fekete and INRIA, France All rights reserved.