Package infovis.visualization.render

Provides Item Renderes used to render visual columns in visualizations.


Interface Summary

Class Summary
AbstractItemRenderer Class AbstractItemRenderer
AbstractVisualColumn Abstract class for item renderers that are also Visual Column Descriptors.
DefaultFillingItemRenderer Default set of item renderers for visualizations with filled shapes.
DefaultStrokingItemRenderer Default ItemRenderer for visualizations with shapes stroked.
DefaultVisualLabel Default implementation of VisualLabel.
Fill ItemRenderer that fills its shape.
GroupItemRenderer Class GroupItemRenderer
ItemRendererFactory Class ItemRendererFactory
LayoutVisual LayoutVisual should contain renderer that are used for layout only.
NoVisual Class NoVisual
SortPseudoVisualColumn Class SortPseudoVisualColumn
StaticItemRenderer Base class for ItemRenderer used as static objects.
Stroke Class Stroke
VisualAlpha Choose the transpareny of items.
VisualArea Class VisualArea
VisualArrowHead Class VisualArrowHead
VisualClipBounds Class VisualClipBounds
VisualColor Class VisualColor
VisualFilter Class VisualFilter
VisualFisheye A VisualFisheye applies a fisheye deformation to its children.
VisualImage Class VisualImage
VisualLabelUnder Class VisualLabelUnder
VisualSelection Class VisualSelection
VisualShape Choose the shape of items depending on the value of a integer/categorical column
VisualSize Class VisualSize
VisualStatistics Class VisualStatistics
VisualStrokeSize Visual size for stroking visualization.
VisualStrokingLabel Class VisualStrokingLabel
VisualVisualization Class VisualVisualization
WrappingVisualLabel Class WrappingVisualLabel

Package infovis.visualization.render Description

Provides Item Renderes used to render visual columns in visualizations.

Copyright 2005 by Jean-Daniel Fekete and INRIA, France All rights reserved.