Package infovis.tree.visualization

Provides trees visualizations.


Class Summary
AdditiveTreeVisualPanel Visual Panel for additive visual attribute.
IcicleTreeControlPanel Control Panel for IcicleTreeVisualization.
NodeLinkTreeControlPanel Control Panel for NodeLinkTreeVisualizations.
NodeLinkTreeLayout Layout class for NodeLinkTreeVisualization.
NodeLinkTreeVisualization Node Link Diagram Visualization of Trees.
NodeLinkTreeVisualPanel Visual Panel for NodeLinkTreeVisualization.
RainbowColumn Computes and maintain a rainbow color according to the leaves of a tree.
TreeInteractor Interactor class for tree visualizations.
TreemapVisualization Visualization of a Tree using a Treemap layout.
TreeStructrureFilter Filter out non tree-structural columns.
TreeVisualization Abstract base class for tree visualizations.
TreeVisualPanel Visual panel for class derived from TreeVisualization.

Package infovis.tree.visualization Description

Provides trees visualizations.

Copyright 2005 by Jean-Daniel Fekete and INRIA, France All rights reserved.